New Music of The Day – XLIV : Haze (Singing My Name) – The Manic Shine

11014679_10152799072629290_9128974829415009222_n-1Anyone who thinks that classic rock ran aground a long time ago should forget this countries nostalgic love in-with its cliched past and check out bands such as The Manic Shine. As a band, they sartorial reference every era of rock music via an impressive array of beard sculpture, check shirts, baseball caps and DMs but it is when you hear the music they play that you realise that rock music still has a future and a very bright one at that.  Built on big riffs, heavy grooves, infectious singalong choruses and blistering guitar breaks, this is the sound of the sharp end of classic rock evolution. It references past glories without dwelling to long on them, it embraces modernity and it gives rock music the kick up the arse that it has clearly been waiting for. (note: that’s arse not ass…important difference!) Forget all those old AC/DC  and Zeppelin records, the future of rock music is before you and it looks a lot like The Manic Shine.

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