10632572_1538276189740961_196355087486585343_nNRVS LVRS share a brand new video for the title track of new album ‘The Golden West’. It’s a song that highlights social injustice regarding housing, particularly in California, but the message certainly applies worldwide.

The band says about the track: “This is told from the point of view of someone being evicted via the Ellis Act, a law in California that allows building owners to evict all the tenants so the property can be repurposed from rental units to condominiums. We have friends this has happened to, and it hurt to see them go due to some landlord’s immoral and craven attempt at maximizing profit. They’re throwing up walls to keep us out of the very neighbourhoods we love.”


“Layering patient bass lines and lyrics (think The National) with epic, shimmering builds and lifts, the San Francisco band’s soundscapes are euphoric and introspective. The video for “Golden West”, the title track from the band’s debut album, is directed by renowned photographer Elizabeth Weinberg (her debut foray into directing music videos) and, like the track, seeks to highlight social injustice in the housing system both in the band’s native California and beyond.”

Read the album review HERE

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