10527631_10205597235440746_1669542573798730354_nThe name George Wilding seems to be cropping up a lot in relation to the west country grass roots scene and for good reason. Long associated with a lyrically eloquent brand of acoustica, one that manages to take the everyday emotions, the stuff of love, loss and life and mythologize it into a sort of Kerouacian backstreet gutter play, here we see the first steps down a slightly different path.

The forth coming release, Lunatic, was recorded with The Lighterthief Collective and takes those already memorable qualities and manages to frame them in just the right amount of musical lustre, emotive guitar lines, warm bass grooves, less is more backbeats and the tell-tale electronic atmospherics that have long been the studio’s hallmark.

On a recorded filled with stand out tracks, Martha is the perfect example of the range of this music from gentle balladry through a slow-burning intensive build to soaring dynamics, this song, like the rest of the album, covers a lot of ground sonically.

Lunatic is officially released on April 1st via http://www.lighterthiefmusic.com

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