New Music of The Day : V – Cold Life – Terminal Gods


Classic Rock magazine described Terminal Gods saying “Imagine a world in which Andrew Eldritch kept his hair and his leather jacket, and instead of doing crossword puzzles for the last decade, he spent his time cracking skulls in biker bars. ”

…and to be honest there isn’t much to add to that. As someone who grew up through the early days of goth, before it became a sub-genre of metal populated by people who watched too much sci-fi or thought that Buffy The Vampire Slayer was actually a reality TV show, it’s always refreshing to hear a modern band who tap into what the original movement was all about. Accessible melodies built on guitar riffs, an almost dance drive…be it a spiralling death dirge waltz or heads down no nonsense mindless boogie, all drenched in dense layers of dark music, clinical beats and the cold attack of a serial killer.  Thankfully  Terminal Gods are aware of this and by taking equal measures of March Violets groove, Sisters bleakness and The Mission’s pop sensibilities and then using modern production and their own unique musical ingredients to create a full bodied sound that was often missing back in the day, they emerge with something that really put’s the record straight for ageing goth’s such as myself. Check out their older tracks, particularly Persona and be impressed with their ability to full explore the genre without compromising it’s dark ethic and core sounds.

Cold Life is released on Heavy Leather Records on 14th July

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