New Music of The Day: LXXXIX – Suicider – Harpo Dell

4190312667_1f01216d7b_zIt’s nice when new music just comes at you out of the blue, especially when it sounds this great, this emotive, this wonderfully fragile and spine-tinglingly atmospheric. Recorded in Berlin at the legendary Bob’s House, the band are currently a work in progress with little on line presence, the name Harpo Dell having only just been decided on. Still, here at Dancing About Architecture we are not bothered by such commercial considerations, we are all about the music and this is wonderful. Clean acoustic guitar lines guide the song gently on allowing the voice to wrap itself around your heart and embrace all of the loss and longings of the listeners own life. It is beautiful and melancholic, dark and soul searching, poised and passionate. Not a bad way to start the week.

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