New Music of The Day: LXXVII – Vampire – Lionface

12063572_884176008336812_4935738555184818518_nDescribed as “Hellraiser meets Scooby Doo” Vampire is the first single from the new EP Battle. It continues the bands quest to embed pop hooks in gothic tinged alt-rock and mix forward thinking, cacophonous electro mayhem with driven classic rock potency and it is a quest that is leading them into some wonderfully inventive places. This is the sound of rock moving forward, losing all the cliches and fusing with whatever possibilities cross their path in this post-genre world.

The results are stunning, aggressive without being blatantly hostile, pop aware without pandering to mainstream sensibilities and dark without resorting to melancholia and self-pitying. The best of all worlds, laying claim to many genres but not quite sitting comfortably in any of them. Perfect.

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