12109326_900145163414369_1274104706022442455_nIf The Marvel Age conjured images of getting away from the urban sprawl, seeing the world, travel for the sake of travel, then Breakers can be seen as the themes of that album condensed nicely into a 4 minute snap shot. Springsteen dreamt of breaking out of the urban decay to head for Southern Californian bars and The Animals longed for a better life away from the city, Cinelli is more easy to please, the breaking surf on an isolated beach is all he asks for, a place where he can reflect on the past and plan the future.

His usual blend of acoustic driven rock ‘n’ roll, folk subtleties, poeticism and positivity make this a perfect summation of the the man and his music and it’s nice in the cynical world in which we find ourselves to come across a real “glass half full” sort of guy.

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