The_Manic_ShineThe Manic Shine are one of the leading lights in the forward thrust of the rock genre. Built on tried and tested formulas and traditional themes, big riffs, infectious choruses, tsunami back beats, it is where they take those sounds that offers a bright hope for the future. As individual components the landscape is certainly recognisable, but it is their skills as musical engineers, their ability to tinker, re-tune and add new components to the engine of rock that sets them apart from those glancing backward at the genres glory days.

Theirs is the sound of progress being made, the sound of a genre being dragged out of its current holding pattern of patched, double denim and 70’s fixation and being kicked into a bright future. All genres have musical glory days, it keeps music writers in a job and music bores in a conversation, but why not concentrate on creating a whole new golden era for the genre. Right here, right now. I know just the band for the job.

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