New Music of the Day : LXI – Casanova Is Burning – Roving Crows

11745706_965379163504925_443340740737510987_nRoving Crows walk a perfect line for a modern roots band. They blend lively Celtic, British and New World folk flavours together in such a way that it manages to sound traditional yet doesn’t live in the past, modern but without resulting to too extreme a diversion, one that doesn’t have the folk purists  mumbling into their pints of Old Scrotum about the heady days of The Troubadour Folk Club in the 60’s.

In fact Roving Crows are the ideal of a modern folk band, a whole bunch of “then” crushed and blended into a whole lot of “here and now.” Their music is sufficiently buoyant and accessible to drag people across the divides of the music genre and also virtuosic enough to satisfy the tastes of the most stringent and seasoned folkies. The fact that their current drummer can occasionally be found quaffing a pint in the same back-street boozer as me is a mere coincidence. It’s not like any money has changed hands. Has it? Tim?

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