New Music of The Day – LVIII : Eyedom – We Came As Strangers

11351303_694147344062406_7438891933358400635_nAs short blasts of dreamy, ambient pop go, this is damned near perfect and as a teaser for the bands 3rd album it also ticks all the boxes and being a world away from the official single Still Life it thereby suggests an eclectic, beguiling and mercurial album (yes I’m old and still call them albums.) Ranging from sonorous, dreamscapes to more conventional but no less brilliant pop territory this free track just re-enforces that the underground is a more magical place than the fashionista mainstream above, and just because there are more of them (and they are better dressed) does make them right. In a world where Kate Bush is Queen and Natasha Khan the Minister for Culture this is the most played record on Radio 1. We can dream can’t we?

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