11118053_920625011322019_934685032983518008_nBaby 126 sounds like distilled essence of summer, joyous dance grooves and brazen brass blend with street soul choruses and blasts of Shakespeare re-imagined as a hip-hop act to produce a brilliant and totally infectious feel good, future classic. It’s warm, breezy and brilliant. As a first release from the Lighterthief bunker in their new guise as a record label, it is a totally unexpected new direction, which is only to be expected as they are not an operation that you would want to second guess, but in Ruby Confue they have found something that is underground enough to be cool, smart enough to rise above the competition yet accessible enough to appeal to more mainstream waters. This is pop music with a Phd but also streetwise enough to be able to look after itself. Big and clever….imagine that?

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