It hasn’t been an easy-ride for Israeli art-rockers Acollective. After moving to London to get their music heard, they soon found themselves deported. Back in Tel Aviv, they regrouped with all that they learned and gave the world the critically-acclaimed and artfully crafted debut album, Onwards in 2011. Now they’re back, and as brilliant as ever. 

An imaginative blend of jazz, post-rock, folk and electronica, they draw influence from the likes of Beck, Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens and Paul Simon, but make no mistake – they’re a band that sound like no other. ‘Happiest Of All Memorial Days’ is no exception.

The sweet and soaring sounds of the track are juxtaposed by its deliciously dark new video, of an awesomely animated tale of a man who turns away from suicide before finding an escape through music, as a gory adventure sees him lead some disenchanted misfits to salvation.

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