New Music of The Day – CXXXIV : Kat, I’m Sorry – Raze*Rebuild

11885766_955429957849401_4860898667694935786_oAll bands have their token “slow song” it is part of the rock and roll template. Thankfully alt-country-core rockers (that is a genre honest) Raze*Rebuild are smart enough that rather than use this space to tread musical water they instead offer up a song that whilst ticking the expected boxes is still brimming over with dynamic shifts and heartfelt emotion. Reflection is the name of the game here, a lyric penned to someone from the past who’s heart was in the right place yet who was treated less than fairly.

That’s the great thing about the passing of time, perspectives change and past wrongs can be re-dressed and this song not only does that, it does it in a way that shows just what you can do with what might otherwise be termed a rock ballad, a term which still induces panic in anyone who live through the 80’s. But this is better than that, it mixes power and poignancy at one end of the scale and frailty and regret at the other and that’s a lot of ground to cover in just one song.

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