New Music of the Day – CXXXIII: Hummingbird – Equanimous ft. Cyndy Fike

14889931_1119848781432983_5222111315103173075_oAs the winter chills begins to make themselves felt, the heating is turned on and coats and scarves are reached for, Equanimous is doing his bit to help keep the cold at bay with a video filled with warm vibes and warmer sentiment.


As a slice of commercially friendly dance music it ticks all the right boxes but there is more to it than that, as hinted at in the video. Solid beats, slick atmospherics and only minimal amounts of instrumental dressing form a sleek musical vehicle but dig a bit deeper and the rewards are there for the more discerning listener.


Tribal grooves, hippy era love vibes and a primal spirituality run as undercurrents through the music showing that even the most modern of dance music can be used to carry a deeper message.


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