New Music of the Day – CXXI: Saints – Polar Front

14333643_561731030691651_7854282880836419933_nIt’s been a busy weekend for Polar Front, a hometown show to launch their debut e.p, a slot at Oxford’s O2 and this little gem of a video to complete the package.


The opening track to the record has been brought to life my Henry Meredith and OT Films and captures the dark intensity that you find at the heart of their music. The grandiose soundscaping and pop aware grooves may be the first thing that you pick up on, but when accompanied by such a powerful and emotive set of images as we find here it just accentuates the shade to balance their lighter moments.


Atmospheric, sonorous, unsettling and claustrophobic may not be words I thought that I’d be using to describe this band based on catching their fledgling performances just over a year ago but they have certainly grown into something with hidden depths, both sonically and lyrically. This is the perfect video to highlight their more beguiling and confrontational side. Just what pop music has been waiting for.



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