New Music of the Day – CXVIII : Faded Fight – Chain Wallet

artworks-000178634386-sn250t-t500x500For a country so associated with past black metal discretions, bands such as Chain Wallet are exactly what is needed to redress the musical balance. Where there was once testosterone fuelled angst, they bring lilting romanticism; where there was brutal and aggressive sounds there are now floating dreamscapes; where once their music buying demographic may have been heavy on the black clad, misunderstood teen, now they can pitch to the whole of the adult world.


As a teaser for the forth coming, self-titled album Faded Fight speaks through shimmering pop and synth driven nostalgia of misplaced optimism and failed romance, but for such a broken subject matter, the music is wonderfully accessible and on the surface joyous.


And maybe it is the fact that the music pulls in one direction and the lyrics the other that makes it work so well, the tensions found between this struggle make for the perfect creative melting pot.



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