12308462_1649747828597045_7269297366668256552_nAbout 18 months ago a copy of Gold Phoenix’s EP found its way to me and I went on about their music being built around a scuzzy blues core, mentioned bands like The MC5, described them as musical rebels…you know, the usual stuff that makes its way to the top of the Dancing About Architecture pile. Well, the new single still manages to do all of that but somehow just does it with more…err…more Gold Phoenix-ness….if you know what I mean.


Its tribal groove and driving bass onslaught are used to frame a dark and edgy vocal interspersed with blistering guitar riffs that are clever enough to know the difference between solid and melodic, and the fret-wankery that many rock bands try to pass off to cover their lack of ability to write real hooks.


Like all of the best songs it doesn’t really do much, it doesn’t have to as all the core elements have been carefully chosen, arranged and threaded together perfectly into a song that eschews trickery for growling melody, complexity for intensity and theatrics for true edge and intensity.


I liked this band from the first time of hearing them, now it is safe to say that my little music crush could very well be turning into something more. Love? It may very well be.



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