New Music of the Day – CXCI: Gold – Fassine

18922842_1549791551739121_6760479845550914864_oAs always, trying to pin Fassine down in words proves just as difficult a task as ever. Music journalism, reviewing the records at least, is often about making comparisons, noting influences and references, using words to create Venn Diagrams that help the reader envisage the music and then hopefully buy it. Taking this approach towards Fassine has never worked for me. Yes, I can talk about the chic yet minimalist musical landscapes that they build, the elegance of the production, the chilled eloquence, the hypnotic yet laid-back beats, the vulnerability yet classicism of the vocals, but does that really get us any further forward regarding communicating with the prospective listener.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that by and large, Fassine continue to have few obvious comparisons. Some of it is familiar, you have heard snatches of their sound in the hidden depths of cinematic indie bands, ambient, early hours, apres-club chill outs and long forgotten dream-pop explorers but can I give you a solid reference upon which to hang their sound? No. And that is the curse of originality and of course its blessing too. It is a world of comfort zones out there, one where tribute bands and TV show cover versions seem to get the spotlight and if that appeals to you then Fassine will confuse and confound you in equal measure. Of course, they might also be your saving grace.

They say that a prophet isn’t appreciated in his own land. Very true but Fassine know all too well that creating music is more about being prophets than being profitable.


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