New Music of the Day – CXI : Glass Ceiling – Officer

10404075_856972914334341_6864079403590231710_nOFFICER aka Dc Logan doesn’t really blow his trumpet enough. Born in Glasgow, bred in Coleraine in Northern Ireland, it’s kind of hard to guess what his cards are. And as it turns out he’s been keeping a staggering little hand close to his chest… something of a little urban legend you might say and here’s the story.

A year ago he got a call from some friends to meet at the pub on the way home from work – pretty standard right? However, when he got there they revealed to him that they had worked their pants off managing to crowd source enough cash from his fan base for him to record an album of the songs they had all fallen in love with live. He’d been playing for about a year in all the standard precious grotty little venues around London, the UK and Germany and had built up a pretty avid core following ready to put their money in the proverbial (and at times literal) hat to hear his songs properly realised on their iTunes. The fruit of this is MYRIADS – quite frankly a stunning debut indie soundscape album of incredibly captivating songs, powerful lyricism and oceanic atmospheres. The album was produced by close friend, Daniel Peterson and co-produced by Dc himself. You can see and hear why people have invested in the creation of this album and now OFFICER is releasing one of the songs most loved by his audience, GLASS CEILING. He’s thrilled with how the song has turned out and is looking forward to his beloved crowd’s reaction.

Glass Ceiling is so powerful, yet disarmingly intimate. It’s built like a manic rollercoaster in the sky that every so often offloads you out into the sparse and sparkling midnight stratosphere and asks you how you’re feeling as you plummet to the city lights. It’s a song about ‘being unable to access the world, others, your own self beyond an internal pain and pressure that’s trapping you’ and you can feel it with every word and beat as you travel inside this sweeping epic.

The making of the album took OFFICER beyond his previous live acoustic guise to where he’d always wanted to be sound-wise and he is currently piecing together his band from the musicians who helped him record MYRIADS. His plans are for a full band tour in the autumn, up until when he’ll be packing out smaller venues with what have been described as ‘acoustic performances that induce total stillness in the most calamitous venues’


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