New Music of the Day – CXCVIII: Channel to Id – Screens 4 Eyes

18814539_812171892280964_1659115907586623366_oThings I like: Strange dystopian fantasy. Dream-pop. New music coming at me from unexpected places. Strong and emotive female vocals. Narrative videos (even if I’m not sure what they really mean it beats a dance routine or a performance any day of the week.) Lists.

With so many boxes ticked, me loving Screen 4 Eyes most recent release was never really in doubt. Taken from their EP Behind These Doors it matches the drifting ambience of the dream-pop canon with the vocal confidence of a more modern commercial alt-pop sound. It is musical territory I find myself in more and more of late, there is a real resurgence in this less structured, less guitar driven sound, one that has seen a wave of bands reference the sound and a wave of bands reform.

But Screens 4 Eyes are neither retro plunderers nor band-wagoners but instead a whole new take on the genre, one that this time around catches the ear of the mainstream popster as well as the underground movers and shakers. And rather than such music being confined to small independent visionary record labels, as it was in the past, such an alignment of the cool and the commercial, the accessible and the otherworldly will have the musical powers-that-be fighting to sign the band in no time. You mark my words.

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