New Music of the Day – CXCVI: Redolence – Camens

18033332_328152864254657_6682452655496141228_nIf new kids on the Power-pop/indie block, Camens, delivered a calling card that sat easily within the bounds of expectation with Boys Will Stray, especially considering the music they have been associated with until now, Redolence is a real curve ball. The top end sound may still be ploughing a familiar furrow, but this fashionable and slick indie goodness is welded on to a staccato beat and a calypso groove that you really weren’t expecting.

And that is what is called for these days. Indie, whether by historical definition or generic designation has been around since the punk wars and has only survived the slings and arrows of outrageous fickle, fashionable fortune by being malleable, exploratory and able to seek out new, untrodden pathways. Camens new release is the epitome of just such an approach. Sunshine vibes and escapist dreams but still rooted in a commercially viable sound makes for the best of both worlds and the only thing that you are left wondering is where can they go next to keep the dream of indie alive.


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