19467735_1379551572121439_5121214675414910666_o 2It was pretty much a year ago that Moleville presented us with a wonderful collection of emotive and dream-like songs under the name Relics, so it was great to find some new activity in the form of a video pop up on the musical radar. Some music is about impact and immediacy, the quick hit that fires you up for a Friday night out on the town, some is good time, throw-away music, a fast fix used to fire you up and then be thrown away and forgotten. Moleville in general and this new single in particular is the antithesis of all of that. Amongst its dreaming sonic spires and graceful song line you find subtler, deeper attachments, music that seeps into the soul via osmosis rather than any conscious ingestion.

It takes plaintive piano and Steve Skinley’s doleful yet striking vocals, underpins them with just enough of a beat and musical detail to flesh out the scene and creates a masterful baroque-pop piece. The video gives us a tantalising look into the emotive Moleville world, delivering a fairy tale set in the decaying forests around Chernobyl but ultimately a story of hope and regrowth.

And that has always been the balancing act that Moleville performs so well, the ability to be melancholic but not miserable, shaded but heading for the light, honest yet optimistic and any song which sounds like a long lost track by arch fantasists and dream weavers Mercury Rev is always going to get my vote.


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