New Music of the Day – CXCIII: Disposable – The Vampire Monkeys

17342492_412169869134287_6914669122856553046_nAccording to their bio The Vampire Monkeys take pride in being the voice of discontent in an unhinged world, even if they offer no valuable insights to its reformation.” And that’s fine, we don’t look to rock and roll for the answers to our worldly troubles, we look to it to act as a distraction from them. And Disposable is the perfect distraction. A strange video narrative that doesn’t take itself too seriously and a cracking riff and hook driven slice of rock.

All too often bands in such genres feel the need to take things to extremes; metal bands are too intense, rock bands using tricks and gimmicks, punk bands picking unnecessary fights with imaginary adversaries. The Vampire Monkeys, thankfully, remember that the power of rock and roll lies in melody and groove as much as it does in punch and power. And so they walk that perfect line between the two camps offering something you can boogie to for all the right reasons but that also ticks all the non-conformist rock and roll boxes regarding swagger and attitude.

You don’t have to take the band that seriously, you certainly don’t have to take the video seriously but as far as the music is concerned, this is serious business.


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