752541Versatility is the name of the game. No one wants the anticipation of a newly purchased piece of music burst by the artist sticking to predictable comfort zones or settling for more of the same so as not to confuse the audience. That is exactly what Dani Blue gets so right and in just two single releases she strides from one extreme of the roots genre to the other. If last year’s Without Me embraced the quiet majesty and atmospheric qualities of Old World folk, this time around she strikes out for the confident and carefree clutches of good time Americana and the results are just as apposite and appetizing as they are opposite.


It’s Alright is a bar-room brawl of sounds from the big country, foot tapping grooves driven on by beats and simple guitar lines built upon the evocative sound of banjo and a swooping and soaring fiddle lacing its way through the middle. It’s a boot heeled dance party that manages to bypass the rhinestone glitz of the Nashville skyline for something much more authentic, it’s The Indigo Girls rocking out after too many beers, it’s the sound of a Brit staking a claim in US musical soil. Is there anything this girl can’t do? Dagnabbit!


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