18739960_10154801628778315_3501070927402807101_nThe last time that Magazine Gap popped up on the radar it was with the chilled In Two Minds, a song that took the high polish of the pop world and imbued it with some wonderful depth and integrity, not to mention a whole lot of soulfulness. And whilst everything that made that song so great also runs through this latest release, this time around they manage to bring a lot more to the table.


But just as before Magazine Gap are experts at juxtaposition, and the reflections of someone looking back over the decisions that have shaped their life are balanced by the most buoyant pop hook and sunshine grooves this side of a Barbadian calypso festival. Maybe if more bands were able to use such a slick and accessible package to smuggle in a bit of substance then the modern musical landscape might be in altogether better shape.

So, it pops and grooves like a goodun’ but for all its space and infectiousness it also has some wonderful hidden depths and subtle textures. Piano riffs chime around the edges, subtle bass pulses ground the song allowing the drums to wander around the beat and the result is a gloriously engaging package.


Pop may have become the music of convenience; a sugar rush to be used and discarded when compared to seemingly more earnest forms, but Magazine Gap may have just invented something unique within the genre. Throwaway pop that you will want to listen to again and again and again and…. How cool is that?


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  1. […] Magazine Gap has always juggled a lot of sonic balls, so to speak. Previous songs have shown that they are no stranger to polished pop, soulful grooves, music with real feeling but now they add another important element to their musical arsenal. Space. Not that their songs have ever felt cluttered but whereas their previous use of this underrated commodity was to allow themselves some creative elbow room, to give the music room to be able to breathe and percolate, this time out it feels as if space has become an instrument in its own right. […]

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