New Music of the Day – CLXXXIX: Expanse EP – Sabiani


11392929_657185947750232_3185806766391623064_nIt’s very easy to package all sample and synth driven music into one genre, one all encompassing dance package, but to do so would be like saying all rock music is the same or all classical music belongs in the same pigeon-hole. The delivery system might have common ground, the rock guitar, the classical orchestration but beyond that each player, producer and composer follows their own path. And so it is with electronic dance music.

Here Sabiani blends the sounds that make up his latest EP, Expanse into a continuous live flow of music, one that takes in beat driven dance floor vibes and more chilled grooves, mesmerising cycles and slow-burning builds. There is beauty in the hypnotic minimalism, the alien sounds which often run behind the more familiar dance beats and the fact that his music somehow sounds chilled and soothing yet energetic and structured is the secret of its success.

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