New Music of The Day – CLXXXII: Till I See You Again – Bunny Sigler

17202862_1258858720818471_2119709425558804782_nIt isn’t surprising given Bunny Sigler’s illustrious track record that this heartfelt message to those who serve their country sounds like a timeless piece of chilled Philly soul balladry. His past associations range from Curtis Mayfield to Jay-Z; he has worked as a singer, producer, and writer and is so associated with a sound that tugs at heartstrings that he was dubbed by industry insiders “Mr Emotion.”
And here he is doing what he does best with a smooth slice of soul-pop, one that taken at face value is an emotive declaration of love and loss, of missing friends and family and of looking forward to happy reunions. With the addition of a video that celebrates those in uniform who sacrifice so much, the song resonates even deeper in these difficult and uncertain times.

But a sentiment such of this only as powerful as the voice behind it, and Sigler proves that even in these later years of his career he is still able to deliver the goods…the goods being sweet harmonies and a voice so rich that by-passes the head, lingers long around the heart but ultimately embeds itself on the very soul of the listener.


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