DSC_167931.jpgEven with the best of intentions, rock music has a habit of veering off into cliché and self-parody. But what if you could find a way of discarding the extraneous silliness and blend all those remaining exciting and integral threads together to make a low fat, straight to the point, in your face and genuinely fresh sounding subgenre. Imagine that? Or you could just listen to the new track from Brisbane rockers Smoking Martha.

They manage to combine the drive of hard rock without the overblown histrionics, the swagger of underground garage rock only without you feeling the need to shower after listening to the record, the attitude of punk but none of that nonsensical year zero rhetoric and the melody and sheer infectiousness of pop-punk though thankfully stopping short of the innuendo and cliché its associated image of gangs of overgrown American frat boys in big shorts.

That said, it doesn’t mean that this is some sort of rock-light or it in anyway compromises in its mission. If anything the sharpening of intent makes the music rawer, more visceral, edgier and more street smart. It also walks that fine line of cultishness and commerciality making it totally palatable to the rock creatures of the night, the discerning and those in the know but with the right push and certain doors being opened for them, Smoking Martha’s sound is one that could break through into more mainstream markets.

So the best bits from all rock genres, clever enough for the leather jacketed tastemakers but with a potential for a very lucrative career path? Does that sound to good to be true? You’d better go and listen to the track again, and again, and again….

Get it yet?

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