16106062_701584956671705_1212520484992124108_nThere are so many ways to approach this intriguing new band’s debut single. You could mention that it is spearheaded by two musical icons, Nancy Wilson and Liv Warfield. You could wax lyrical about the formers long career with Heart or the latters time served as part of Prince’s New Power Generation. You could mention the perfect timing of the message. Instead I’m going to come at this as I would any other record that lands on my desk and start with the fact that musically it is a cracker.

Given the backgrounds of the musical leading lights, it comes as no surprise that it seamlessly blends rhythmic r’n’b, anthemic rock and a funky, grooving beat, soulful vocals and wonderfully twisting dynamics. But as the most savvy of musicians are well aware music also has the ability to carry a message, and Get Loud does so eloquently.

At a time when the world seems to be slipping back into out-dated ways of thinking and reverting to antiquated stereotypes, songs such as this are an important voice in the wilderness, a reminder of the diverse and complex nature of society, a reminder that everyone has a part to play and that the old attitudes to gender and to equality, or lack of it, always need to be challenged.

Great song, important message. Job done.

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