New Music of the Day – CLXXI: Lead Me Down – Sally Caitlin

14484859_952333831579356_7081286835273656220_nPop music is done often, but generally not well. Too many gimmicks and non-musical compensation via dance routines or PR driven drama might create hyperbole but when the song is analysed it is often found wanting. Not so in the case of Sally Caitlin’s current single. Oddly enough for a dance record it is an exercise in restraint and all the more powerful for it.


Instead of a beat, it has a pulse, instead of teasing it drips with sensuality, where most songs beg to be liked; Lead Me Down is an exercise in effortless chic and aloof urban cool. It is dark, desirous and sophisticated. In a market built on throwing in everything but the kitchen sink, and sometimes that too, here we instead find a wonderful underplay, even when the chorus kicks in it refuses to meet the listener even half way.


It is a great calling card for the forth-coming Experiments e.p. due out next month, in the mean time…well, you’ll just have to wait, after all there is only one person calling the shots here.


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