New Music of the Day CLXVIII: Hallowed Ground – The Marica Frequency

christhemaricafrequencyinterviewAll too often a song and its accompanying video seem to be at odds with each other, great in their own right but serving drastically different purposes, one artistic, the other ticking commercial and fashionable boxes. The first thing that strikes you with Hallowed Ground, however, is that there is a wonderful harmony between the song and its visual counterpart.

Visually we are offered pleasing, elemental and emotive backdrops with wonderful animated details highlighting and enhancing just enough to gently beguile the viewer. And that is exactly what the music does too. Simple, lilting acoustica supplies the canvas on to which simple lines and teasing sounds are painted. There is a wonderful light and shade in the male/female vocal trade off, again reflecting the dark tones and will-o-the-wisp lights of the video.

Like all the best music it is difficult to pin down generically. Post-folk? Ambient dream-pop? Earth song? It feels like a cinematic soundtrack or the play out music to some sort of fantasy film, but one big on ideas and emotion rather than the usual silly concepts and blatant, mass appeal, special effects. But who cares which label we feel the need to put on such music. What ever it is, it’s great.

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