New Music of the Day – CLXIV: You and Me – A New Nowhere

15871550_1249568881766080_2358423345234716353_nThere was a point just before the music kicked in that I had a few doubts about what was going to follow. Rock dude wandering through the forest, Donnie Darko-esque creepy, out of context rabbit suit, the distant clattering of drums…cliché classic rock can only be a few seconds away. It was great then when something more nuanced kicked in. It definitely still falls squarely into a rock oeuvre but sometimes it is as much about the journey as the destination and here the direction of travel seems to have taken the band through some punk, grunge and indie detours rather than just having circled the rock heartland. And it is that cross-contamination and musical gene splicing which allows evolution to happen, especially where music is concerned.

As a result the riffs are crisp and melodic, the vocals accessible rather than merely aggressive, the intricacies within the song are relevant rather than the pointless showboating that the genre is prone too. It may not be kicking down barricades and marching into unknown musical territories but then again what’s wrong with just being damned good at your job? Nothing, that’s what!

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