16388437_10153976003776653_5483350640529062769_nCatching up with The Godfathers via their forthcoming album A Big, Bad Beautiful Noise was a wonderful experience, a speedball hit of nostalgia and potential, personal reflection and a reminder that the best rock ‘n’ roll is built along some pretty straightforward musical lines.

You Don’t Love Me sums all this up perfectly, they sound as threatening and snarky as they always did but timeless rather than dated, a sound that sits comfortably anywhere from sixties garage band territory to the post-punk period of re-evaluation to turn of the century guitar revival and beyond, they will probably sound just as at home anywhere in the next 60 years as well.

Showing no sign of ageing or compromise they still have the air of a bunch of rock ‘n’ roll gangsters who have turned up mob handed to have a quiet chat abour the payments on that fruit machine they loaned you, but where is the fun in music that doesn’t send a few shivers down the back of your spine?

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