12654431_746135528820816_6112175244556574472_nHaving been championed by tastemakers across the globe from Vive The Rock in the UK to LA’s KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, it isn’t hard to see the appeal of Peter 118’s latest single. Peter Field takes the punk swagger of his previous bands, Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom, and welds it on to some gloriously direct, fist in the air, sing-along melodies to create the sound of his new musical vehicle.

Okay, it might not be clever, but it is big and in the pop punk playing field that they now position themselves that is all that matters. If you want something deep and meaningful to reflect on and analyse, then you need to look elsewhere. If, however, you want an adrenaline rush of spiky melodies, raucous, rabble rousing vocals and football terrace pop-chants, Peter 118 are the go to guys.

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