New Music of the Day – CCVII : Ethics For Enemies – Fennr Lane

19748369_1134791326624724_4710435874346388700_nFennr Lane has been nothing if not consistent in their mission to put muscular, dark, grunge infused rock back on the map. Ethics for Enemies is a blend of the cold, doom-laden edge of Danzig’s dystopian blues-metal and the emotive, sonic drama of Staind, built as much on an intangible weight as the power of the musical delivery itself. Post-grunge? Is that a thing? If it is it suits our purpose here for Fennr Lane is great at capturing all if the power of the intent and delivery of the rawest of grunge bands and doing it with the simplest of lines and leaving behind the “I hate by mum because she made me tidy my room” parochialism which was often at the heart of the scene.

If you like Alice In Chains, Metallica even or the bands mentioned above, then there is a lot here that you will love. Now will someone for god sake give them a record deal or at least some sort of development budget, I want to see this band really open up and show us what they can do.

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