Never Notice – Splitstep (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Splitstep‘s latest release, Never Notice, dances delicately across any number of genres, stepping lightly on everything from upbeat acoustica, understated pop-rock, funky grooves and breezy brass, the latter courtesy of Westword Music Award-winning Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band.

And in a world where you seem to trip over singer-songwriters everywhere you go, Splitstep offers something more refreshing to the scene. Not for them the moody, pseudo-intellectual, love-lorn, acoustic-philosophy of the usual wide-brim hatted, gap-year troubadour vibe, this is vibrant, upbeat, energetic and fun! Remember when such music was fun? Thankfully these guys do and I’ll take one Splitstep song over a dozen moody Billy Eilish wannabes any day of the week.

Never Notice is fun (there’s that word again but I can’t think of a better one) and funky, dynamic and danceable, groovesome and graceful, brassy and bright and for all its light touches and open nature, it actually has something to say. Who doesn’t need a bit of that in their life right now?

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