10378196_525504780905281_6535896882257164010_nJuxtaposition. Not just a clever word and in Jet Setters case, a whole approach to making music. Their debut e.p is full of it, pop aware, accessible grooves that seem to burst into MC5 style garage rock fruition; scuzzy, fuzzed out psychedelia with a bubble-gum heart, serious jangling guitar chops delivering bouncy danceable tunes and skittering drums weaving mesmerising detail into infectious grooves.

This Dublin four-piece seem to have arrived out of nowhere fully formed, armed with a bag of short, sharp, shock-pop songs that are seem to be the missing link between Redd Kross and Sebadoh, or The Stooges and Pulp. If you like your pop to have integrity but still retain all the aspects that make it pop – accessible, infectious, groove laden  – and you like your rock music devoid of cliché and aware of its place in history, then Jet Setter are going to be your new favourite band. Throwaway tunes that you will want to keep forever.

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