15192670_1099989733452300_686422526042388373_nIt comes as no surprise that Brielle Von Hugel has recently collaborated with and received a big nod of approval from Scott Bradlee of Postmodern Jukebox, her voice encapsulates the same vintage vibe meets modern innovation that they also work with, the same almost impossible blend of timelessness and contemporary. I say almost impossible as here we see that it is possible to walk that fine line between smoky, midnight jazz bar sensuality and clean limbed, chart accessible modernity.


But, as if that isn’t enough, there is also a wonderful second dimension to where Brielle finds herself with the release of this new, original ballad. Many artists who have used similar TV show springboards to launch their career seem to blow it straight away by going for the obvious, the overtly commercial, the cheap or the gratuitous but Brielle Von Hugel seems much more of a class act. Not only does Naked ooze with sophistication, commercial appeal and tap into music markets which cater for all ages and crosses numerous generic boundaries but in it she also has something to say.


The fact that she has enough foresight to deliver a song about trust and intimacy, honesty and acceptance when she could have played a much more obvious card just adds to the beautiful appeal and exciting potential of this emerging artist.


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