Music and video games have always had a close relationship. Some musicians make a healthy living providing the scores to blockbuster games and most gamers spend their game-time immersed in the sonic textures and musical washes that act as the backdrop to their adventures and exploration, melee and the mayhem. But it is surprising, given this long parallel history, that more people haven brought things even closer together. Music has always expanded the gaming experience, can the gaming experience be used to bring something to music?

It seems that the answer is yes. A big, resounding yes. Johnny Spectre neatly weaves the two worlds into a seamless bond, wrapping, and indeed rapping, the two worlds into one complimentary design,  firing off lyrical salvos of his daily gaming exploits and dropping direct references, even though they may be lost on non-gamers such as myself. It becomes a language in its own right, but then most niche music does, that’s half-the attraction. Although given the size of the population of the gaming community perhaps niche isn’t a particularly suitable word.

Gamer-rap? Bit-hop? Multi-platform pop? Call it what you want. All I know is that Johnny Spectre drops gamer lyrics like a boss. An end of level boss! 


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