Before the gothic scene became a place where brooding rock bands bedeck in lace shirts and wide-brimmed hats or fetish gear attired metallers became the norm, it was a place of invention and adventure. And it is to that strange, industrial world, a place of keyboard experimentation, of strange samples and broken rhythms, that the fantastically named Let There Be Darkness, takes us with his music.

Myself Decay is a creeping, oozing morass of fractured sounds, you can almost feel its sonic presence clawing its way across the floor towards you. Over a platform of pulsing beats and an almost relentless, half-heard tribal sound, the vocals whisper menacingly, and between these two sounds, the broken sonics of rogue computer code, industrial grind and malevolent machinery great a sort of half-music, never exactly melodic but always intriguing.

Myself Decay is the sound of those early, post-punk experimentation being re-created in the modern world, only this time, instead of its creator having to rewire keyboards so that he can bend the music to his will, technology provides the sonic palette. But the art of standing out from the competition is choosing the parts of that palette to paint with that others avoid. This is exactly what Let There Be Darkness does and the result is a series of dark, unusual, beguiling and unique musical statements.

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