Okay, so I am a month late reviewing a song that would quite clearly have made more sense to have hit the site on the relevant day, the inference is that I’m either snowed under with work or just a bit lazy…I’ll let you decide. But, despite the adage, timing isn’t everything and good music should still be afforded a push even after the event and My Jazzy Valentine certainly deserves that.

One of the great things about The Amber Bugs is that they seem to be unconcerned with genres or stylistic restrictions and given the eclectic nature of their back catalogue to date that would appear to be because they are at home frolicking about in any of them. Here, as the title suggests, they wander through jazzy, bluesy territory but as is their want they also warp the form with some ska grooves creeping in, some lounge vibes drifting about and an over-driven, raw and raunchy, fuzzy, garage rock guitar taking things across the line.

And lyrically too they judge things perfectly, the usual hint of humour blended with that wonderful everyday honesty that lies at the heart of their music. Not for them the fairytale, uncynical Hollywood approach to romance, My Jazzy Valentine accepts that life has its ups and downs and therefore so does love and as such the song is actually much more palatable, much more real, honest to its core. 

So to you dear reader, all I ask is that you keep playing this track for the next eleven months and by the time its day comes around again, My Jazzy Valentine might just have become something that the whole country can get behind, like the release of a new Richard Curtis movie or the hunt for a serial killer. Imagine that!

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