There are a few things that don’t go out of fashion. Converse Chuck Taylors, the little black dress, Aviator sunglasses, red lipstick, a perfectly made Martini and The Beatles. I would add to that list good old, no-nonsense, low-slung, foot-on-the-monitor rock and roll of the type that The Mudmakers make so well.

Taking their lead from everything from late fifties rock and roll, funky soul, garage rock, R&B, old school grooves and timeless moves. Leave Me Alone is the sound of 60’s backbeats being spliced with more modern rock urges, Bright Light is a gorgeously emotive ballad that wanders in and out of dramatic sounds and punchy crescendoes and Riverside is the sort of song that evokes southern states bar rooms, the sort of dive that might have Patrick Swayze’s Dalton working the door and Jeff Healey leading the band.

Some might find it odd that a band so reminiscent of the sound that arguably put modern America on the musical map until you remember that Finland is home to both The Leningrad Cowboys and Hanoi Rocks. Then it all makes perfect sense!

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