Spear-headed by three rich, standout vocalists, The DK Effect is a soul and blues outfit that explores the legacy of those genres from their earliest days to the present. They construct songs from all the elements that made such sounds and styles the sonic sensations that they become – lush harmonies, easy grooves, intricately interwoven rhythms and deft and dexterous playing – leaning on both nostalgic vibes and modern sensibilities.

God Forgive Me is an upbeat gospel celebration, Pills and Wine is built from some gorgeous wide-screen vocal harmonies, What’s He Doing Here? echoes with the joyous, upbeat, soulful sound of classic era Stevie Wonder and the title track, which opens the album, is all about addictive sounds and infectious beats.

The DK Effect leans heavily on the sounds of the past but ironically, because those sounds- blues, soul, gospel – have never gone out of fashion the result is an album that is as fresh as it is familiar.

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