Before you even get to the music, everything about itso seems to reflect what is great about making music in the modern age. They are a collaborative project between producer Martin Hanisch and ex-Hellfire club frontman Scobie Ryder. They are based in both Germany and Japan. They make socially conscious music. Their music is relevant and timely. And they don’t exist.

Well, let me qualify that. They are essentially a cyber band in that they collaborate, build and disseminate their music purely online. How 2021 is that?

And as I said earlier, Mother Earth is a timely song, very timely indeed. As the video underlines, the natural world is a glorious place, one that has been ridden roughshod to further man’s shortsighted greed. The time has come to start undoing the damage we have inflicted on it, to lay down plans to live a life that is more harmonious and in step with this, the only planet we have ever called home. It might already be too late; we can but try.

And any important message needs an effective and unavoidable delivery system, in this case, the sounds and sonics which drive it and Mother Earth as a piece of music is as powerful and poignant as the lyrics that dance across its surface.

Epic is the destination but it is the slow-burning build to get to that point that is a joy to behold. Starting in quite a folky place, the song gradually adds sonic weight, lairs of guitar, beatific beats, additional tones and textures, vocal depth and finally it picks up the pace and gets the song over the line via tribal drum breaks, sky-searing crescendos and, finally, unleashes squealing, squalling guitars and dense banks of harmonies.

Phew! It’s one hell of a ride.

Come for the music, stay for the message. Actually, do more than stay for the message, take the message on board and go out and be part of the change that the song calls for. And do it now.

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