Morning seems to sit at any number of musical crossing points. But then again all of the most interesting music does. It moves from gentle acoustic balladry to a more muscular sound as the song moves from start to finish, it combines the deftness normally associated with folk playing with the sheer infectiousness of a cinematic pop single and matches underlaying classical vibes with more anthemic and rocked-up stadium sounds. That might sound like a lot to try and fit together but I guess it all comes down to clever composition, allowing one sound to sit within the breathing space of another, for textures to weave around each other and for musical lines to complement rather than contrast. 

In the hands of some musicians the result could be heavy, clumsy and muddled but here the result is something that is finely inlaid, intricate and full of rich detail. And for all its clever arrangements and delicious design it remains wholly accessible, wonderfully addictive and widely appealing. Pop music can often be limiting, rock is weighed down by cliche, folk music might be an acquired taste and classical perhaps only suitable for certain moods. But Morning proves that there is a sweet spot between all of those styles which seems to combine the best of all worlds. Very clever indeed.

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