Moreorless – Acid City Nuns (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although it comes on like a lightly folktronic-infused, alt-pop groover, on arrival, the futuristic and affected vocals add a whole different feeling to the song, turning it into a chilled, cinematic and futuristic anti-anthem. I’m not really sure what an anti-anthem is, or if it is a thing at all, I’m using the phrase here to try to describe the power and the euphoric vibes that are created by a song so laid-back, so understated, so the opposite of what the term anthemic usually means but how equally powerful the end result is. less is more, as they say.

It swaggers along around a meticulous digital beat and the voice, as I say, is otherworldy and disembodied, but between these, the organic-sounding instrumentation tether the song in a more analogue sounding world, one of gently pulsing basslines and banks of vocal harmonies, shimmering synth washes dancing around chiming guitars.

I’m not really sure how you would categorise such a creation, or if you should even try. All that matters is that Moreorless is the sound of music taking a step into the future. It is the perfect bridge between the familiar sounds of the past, the alternative dance and electronic sounds of the present and a creative leap forward into one possible musical future.

Because of that, it is a song that is not only cool and beguiling, it is necessary and important and not many of those land on my desk in any given month.

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