moondog-small-300x300This Wiltshire based outfit have been around since early 2011 releasing a couple of very promising EP’s and building a strong live following, they have impeccable influences with the likes of Pulp, early Libertines, Orange Juice and Josef K almost certainly featuring in their collective record collections.

The bands third EP see’s them take a huge confident step forward and very much stamp their own mark over their hugely enjoyable music, the moment a good band become a great one, the signs were there just over 12 months ago when they initially released the fantastic “Allsorts” (which makes a welcome reappearance here) and the moment the sublime sounds of opener “No Wives, No Children” are upon us it’s clear “Allsorts” was no fluke.

Don’t get me wrong Nudybronque were writing strong material before this new EP (the Bottled Blonde EP in particular has some cracking songs on it), it’s just they’ve upped their game here… and then some.

These are catchy melodic songs with razor sharp lyrics and an almost cinematic delivery (Allsorts would sound great soundtracking a Lynch movie) “Peachy Keen” should be a staple of Indie Clubs up and down the country (and would show the NME flavour of the month brigade how to write a proper art school anthem) “Yoo-Hoo” now soundtracks my journey home from the pub and by the time I arrive at the wonderfully titled “Space Travel 2013 By Phone” it’s clear to me I’m bearing witness to one of the best releases of the year to date.

At some point Nudybronque are going to deliver a killer debut album, in the meantime get yourself online and buy a copy of “Moondog” and, if you get the chance go and see them live and witness of the most exciting new(ish) bands in the country.

Review courtesy of Rich Craven

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