Monkey See –  Russ Still & The Moonshiners (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ahead of a forthcoming album, Bootleg, Russ Still and his country infused rock posse have given us a taste of what’s to come with the excellent Monkey See. It strides cowboy-booted along a perfect line between roots and rock, is packed with hooky grooves and wonderfully infectious choruses ticking boxes in country, commercial and rock camps as it does so.

But the real appeal for me are the lyrics. Political with a small p, social commentary rather anything more direct or rabble-rousing but still an important point about the upper echelons of the governmental system and the inherent greed that seems inseparable from the way the country is run. It doesn’t takes sides, it just tells it like it is, like the music that drives it, in a fairly direct and unequivocal fashion.

If you want a decent song to boogie around to, need a band to provide the sound track to a great night out then this is the perfect band. If you like bands who use their platform to raise awareness and give you something to think about, then these are also the guys for you. It just isn’t often that you get both of those in the same package. It’s just great when it does happen.

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