Miscued Vein – Miscued vein (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

31uP1+kDLaL._SL110_Sometimes the simple approach is the best. When so many bands seem to regale themselves in convoluted mission statements, surround themselves with mysterious musical trappings or adopt a more-fashionable-than-thou attitude, Miscued Vein opt for an easier life. With equal measures of classic rock and contemporary roll they appear content to just let their songs do their work for them. Heavy on the melody and oozing with infectious, fist in the air, anthemic qualities, their 6 track demo has a lot to recommend it.

Whether it’s the staccato drives of Ugly Sisters or the more pop-rock bounce of Fat Lady Thing, the band seem more than aware of the simple fact that it is the song that is important. Nothing is overplayed, there are no unnessecary showy displays of ego tripping, just cleverly layer musicianship that leave the songs larger than life but not cluttered. Or to sum up the album another way – it is big and it is clever.

This could even be the band that break South Wales’ seeming dominance of the big emotive rock thing, given all the usual lucky breaks and a favourable wind. With bands like Bullet For My Valentine, LostProphets and now Colours of One riding high in this genre, maybe it’s time that Scotland got in on the act. And whilst they may not yet have the song that is going to catapult them into the big leagues (Pray might be the possible exception), this collection of songs and the attitude that goes with it are proof that it may only be a matter of time.

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