It’s an odd combination, intensity and beauty, you feel that they should be mutually exclusive concepts but amongst the wall of shoe gazing guitar work, the driving drums, the pulsing bass lines and the half hidden vocal delivery, there is something beautiful indeed. For all its musical weight, its shimmering textures, its rawness and chaos, Mirror Song is also intimate and honest, speaking directly to the listener, half heard through the squalling sounds but still brilliantly engaging. 

A psychedelic maelstrom of urge and drive, it tips its hat to the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr. and why not, but it reminds us that music is cyclical and rather than a backward glance this feels like a pre-curser to a new wave of alt-rock inspired by such iconic touchstones.

It comes accompanied by Peach which feels more like a 60’s freak-folk song treated to some modern production and a 21st century musical approach to song-writing but still encapsulates that melancholic sound that naturally inhabits the bands work. With the Tracer EP blipping on the radars of many influential people and these two songs acting as a taste of what’s to come, the wait for Burning House‘s promised full length album Anthropocene is going to seem tantalisingly long.


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